#22 How Connectivity Leads to More Fulfillment

How feeling connected can lead to more fulfillment with Kristen Leigh King

We are all connected, and in seeing this more and more, you open yourself up to greater possibilities for fulfillment. It really just comes down to recognizing that you have the ability to make significant change in the world based on the energy you put out and the actions that you take.

So in each day, it’s important to be a good steward of your time here in this life. And we can do that by digging a bit deeper into who we are and bringing out our best energy into the world. Once we do that, we can recognize that it’s so much more than what we want in our lives but rather about connectivity and our contribution. That’s where the true fulfillment comes in.

To talk further about this concept and really dive into what it means for us to all be connected and how that relates to our purpose, I’ve recorded this episode of the podcast to be almost a call for all of us. One that helps us be more in tune with each other and our surroundings in the hopes of being better stewards of our time and energy.

To listen to the full episode, just click on the link below. Enjoy.

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No Niche Necessary by Kristen Leigh King
How feeling connected can increase fulfillment with Kristen Leigh King
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