#21 Using Mind, Body, and Spirit to Achieve Your Goals

using mind body spirit to achieve your goals from Kristen Leigh King

Ever feel frustrated and beat yourself up when you miss your own deadlines or don’t achieve goals that you set for yourself? Many of us have gone through that moment where we get down on ourselves for not achieving what we wanted, but what if it wasn’t actually you at all. What if the problem was actually in the way that you’re approaching your projects or the way you’re going after your goals that’s actually putting you in a position to be less likely to achieve them?

Milestones and deadlines definitely have a place to drive us forward and keep us on track. However, we need to acknowledge a more holistic way of looking at what we want to achieve in order to feel more balanced and fulfilled along the way. That’s why in today’s episode of the podcast I share how you can start incorporating a more mind, body, spirit approach to your project management and how it can allow you to feel more in flow with what you’re doing.

So if you’ve been really stressed out about meeting your goals or you’re feeling like you don’t even want to start certain projects at all, then this episode will help you bring more of an intentional way of working into how you accomplish things. And in turn, I think you’ll find that what you work on will actually end up even better than how you had originally intended and you’ll feel a lot better along the way.

To listen to the full episode, just click the link below. Enjoy.


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Using mind, body, spirit to achieve your goals with Kristen Leigh King
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