#17 Determine Your Entrepreneurial Archetype

If you ever feel stuck on what you should be working on, which offers to create, or the things you should do to get you to the next level, then this episode of the podcast is for you.

There are so many different strategies out there and ways that you can put your products and services out into the world, but you need to find ways that make the most sense for your genius zones. Because if HOW you’re running your business and offering what you do doesn’t make you happy or align with how you naturally like to work, then you’re gonna get really burnt out or unhappy really fast.

So I’m gonna walk you through how to know what type of entrepreneur you naturally are (it could be a combination) and how to use this to create offers that are in line with what you’re innately good at doing.

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Determine your entrepreneurial archetype with Kristen Leigh King

Interested in learning more about your archetype and how you can pair it with your zones of genius to create a business you love?

Then, check out my book, No Niche Necessary, where I talk about how to use your entrepreneurial archetype to guide you in building a business that feels fully aligned to who you naturally are and how you want to show up in the world.

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