#16 Using Masculine and Feminine Energies to Achieve Your Goals

Using masculine and feminine energies to achieve your goals_Your Tailor-Made Biz podcast with Kristen Leigh King

Do you ever feel like you’re putting way too much pressure on yourself to achieve your goals or get them done in a certain way? Maybe you’ve been setting all kinds of deadlines for yourself that you just can’t stick to, or you make to-do lists that just stress you out. Well, there’s actually a better way to approach accomplishing your goals, and it has more to do with the way that you’re focusing your energy on what you’re doing.

In this episode of the podcast, I’m talking about how everyone can embody both masculine and feminine energies and how these actually play a really big part in you achieving your goals. It’s not just about setting deadlines and pushing yourself to the end. Achieving your goals can actually feel a lot more aligned and intentional when you couple that drive with getting into a natural flow in order to receive.

If you’re feeling like pushing yourself to achieve something never really works out well or like you need a better way to accomplish things that doesn’t leave you feeling completely drained, then this episode is for you. To hear the full show, just click play below or you can find it on your favorite podcast app as well.

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No Niche Necessary by Kristen Leigh King
Using Masculine and Feminine Energies to Achieve Your Goals_Your Tailor-Made Biz podcast with Kristen Leigh King
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