#18 How to Live Your Purpose in Many Ways

So many times throughout life we’re told to find our one purpose and do that for the rest of our lives. Well, what if we’ve been misinterpreting that advice? What if you’ve been thinking that it meant that there was only one career choice or one job or one college major that you needed to find?

I’m here to tell you that your purpose ties everything that you are together. There’s no one right way to carry it out in life. There are many ways for you to spread your light and love and ultimately your gifts.

So in this episode of the podcast, I dive deeper into this more complex understanding of what it means to find your purpose and how that can take you in many different directions. And I want you to feel limitless with this mindset. I want you to feel alive and excited to do lots of work that fuels your soul…Not just continue searching for that one singular thing. Because your purpose is so much more than that.

If this makes you feel expansive and energized, then check out the full episode below.

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How to live your purpose in many ways_Your Tailor Made Biz podcast with Kristen Leigh King
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