#14 Knowing When to Follow Inspiration & New Ideas

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When inspiration strikes it can be really hard not to drop everything you’re doing and head straight in a new direction. And while it’s great to respond to those great ideas you’re having and not waste an opportunity when you’re really motivated, it’s actually a good idea to take a step back for a minute and make sure that what you’re choosing to put your effort into still aligns with your big picture goals.

So to do that, you want to assess where you are, what you’re currently working on, and how everything fits together. In this episode of the podcast, I’ll walk you through exactly how to do that so you can be grateful for all of that amazing inspiration and grand ideas you’re getting but at the same time responsibly choose what deserves your attention.

You want to embrace that creative genius and make sure your energy is positive around receiving inspiration. That’s why following the simple steps I cover in this episode will give you the ability to capture those great ideas and still ensure you’re using your time and energy on the projects that will actually move you toward your goals. No more randomly going in different directions. No more starting one project, stopping, and starting again (unless it makes sense!). No more feeling like all these great ideas are never gonna get accomplished.

If you really need some useful tips on what to do with all those ideas you have, then check out this episode at the link below.

And in this episode, I mentioned my upcoming book, No Niche Necessary. This book is for you if you want to learn more about how to integrate your many passions into a soulful, fulfilling entrepreneurial career that makes an impact on the world.

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How to know when to follow new ideas and inspiration or when to put them aside on Your Tailor Made Biz podcast
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