#12 How to Pace Yourself to Get More Accomplished

Pacing yourself to get more accomplished_Your Tailor-Made Biz podcast with Kristen Leigh King

You’ve got a million things you want to accomplish, and you want it all to happen right now. I feel like that a lot myself, and it’s hard to get anything done when you’re going in so many different directions. But something I’ve actually learned and continue to tell myself as well is that pacing yourself is actually a really good thing. By slowing yourself down and being super selective about what you choose to put your time and energy toward, you become more productive and less stressed.

On top of that, you can use your own internal clock to figure out a good pace for you personally. So you can focus on the best way for you to manage your projects and goals the way that serves you best. In this podcast episode, I talk more about how to use pacing to your advantage. I dive into how you can use short time frames to focus on what matters most and use that time to build momentum for the next thing.

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How to pace yourself and get more accomplished on the Your Tailor-Made Biz podcast with Kristen Leigh King