#03 Standing Out and Not Being Like Everyone Else in Your Niche

It may not seem like it right now, but being multi-passionate is an amazing gift. You’ve got so much expertise and different experiences to draw from that the way you see the world is incredibly valuable and insightful. Because honestly, you’re not a one-note kind of person, right?! You’ve got layers like an onion, and the key to your success is in being able to combine those talents and gifts in a way that uniquely positions you to help people.

So in this episode, I wanna show you how instead of competing with everyone else by building a business the same way that they all do, you can actually position yourself to stand out and be the front-runner in whatever you’re doing. And I chat about the three biggest ways that you can create that blue ocean for yourself where there are no competitors in a way that still makes you feel like you’re playing to all your strengths and interests.

This is a really good one to help you think about your interest areas with a new perspective. So make sure to listen all the way through but then also come back to the episode when you’ve got a little more time to focus in on the key areas I walk you through.

Your passions help you resonate with those who need you most_Kristen Leigh King

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