#02: Shiny Object Syndrome Versus Building a Brand From Within

Keep things simple and build your brand based on what you know inside is your path not with shiny object syndrome

How many courses have you invested in to date? Or how many email newsletters do you receive everyday from people whose webinar or freebie you’ve signed up for?

Chasing the latest and greatest strategy that promises to make you successful is something that in actuality can keep us stagnant for too long. Because it’s easy to get caught up in all the things you think you should be doing rather than actually focusing your attention on what’s important to YOU. The things that are what you REALLY want to be doing to build your business.

So my challenge to you is to set aside all the courses and trainings and strategies for a second and dig deep into the vision you have for YOUR ideal business. What does it look like to you? And how can you take that vision and backtrack in a way that enables you to create your own unique path. One that doesn’t involve shiny object syndrome but instead replaces it with conviction in what you’re doing and a focus on specific goals that’ll get you there.

The episode I’ve got for you today will set you up for taken back control over building a business that’s right for YOU. No more listening to all those “experts” out there that don’t understand your passions, your approach, or the lifestyle you want for yourself.

It’s time for some introspection to unlock the true path you want to be on. Just click below to start listening and take the action that’s speaking to you from within.

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