#09 Identifying Your Brand Story

How to Identify Your Brand Story_Kristen Leigh King_brand strategist for multi-passionate entrepreneurs

I bet you’ve got some brands that you absolutely love because of their story and what they stand for. There are always some companies or people that we get excited to hear more from or become loyal followers of that speak to exactly what we value. They’re the ones that you feel like you completely relate to and that understand exactly what you need or want.

One of the biggest reasons those brands resonate so strongly with their customers is that they use their brand stories to shape the value in what they offer. They give their customers a view into what they’ve struggled with or how they got to where they are now, and in doing so, the brand is able to link their value to a set of emotions and tangible outcomes within a real life example. You can do the exact same thing by using your own brand story that your audience can empathize with so that they understand you’re the right person to help them.

By conveying that you understand their position and who they are, you build a foundation for a relationship of trust. A brand story makes it possible for you to paint a picture for your audience which often times is what they need in order to be convinced that you’re just like them. So taking the time to understand your own journey and put the pieces together will help you relate more to your audience and further their emotional investment into your brand and working with you.

In this episode of the podcast, I’ll be walking you through how to identify the points of your own journey that relate to how you help your audience and how you can shape them into your authentic brand story. I’ll go over the importance of including emotion in your story and the way that you can ensure you’re making the biggest impact when someone first finds your brand.

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How to Identify Your Brand Story_Kristen Leigh King_brand strategist for multi-passionate entrepreneurs
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