#06 Identifying Your Big Why to Get You Through the Ups and Downs

Identifying your big why to get you through the ups and downs

It’s not a big surprise that this entrepreneurial journey can be an extremely bumpy one. To get you through it all, you’ve gotta have something that drives you forward and keeps you going when the going gets tough. I’m talking about that big vision that you have for your business and lifestyle that’s fueled by a big why. Knowing what that is can be a bit tricky to clarify. It’s so essential to get it straight, though, if you want to make big strides toward the end goal for you.

To help you clarify that big vision, I wanna give you some direction as to how exactly to know what you want. At the very beginning of starting a business and figuring out how all your passions may fit together, your big vision can still be fuzzy or you may not actually be thinking big enough with it. You want to expand your mind to think outside the box and look beyond what everyone else may be doing to see what’s possible for yourself. Once you can go beyond your own limits and start thinking on a bigger scale, you can define the components of that vision for the clarity that you need.

In this episode of the podcast, I go deeper into getting that clarity for yourself so that you can see it all as if it’s already a reality. From there, we’ll get you a way to take that vision and apply it to your journey so that you always know how to stay on track for your goal, no matter what may come your way.

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Identify your big why as an entrepreneur so you can get through the ups and downs
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