#04: What It Means to Be Multi-Passionate

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Have you been told that you’re indecisive for not choosing a niche and sticking to it? Or that you’re confused and lost because you’ve bounced around to many different interests without settling on one thing? Or maybe your family is actually worried about you because you just can’t decide on the right path for you?

I wanna give you a new perspective on this, and let you know that in all likelihood if this resonates with you, chances are that you’re not confused or indecisive at all. You’re actually just multi-passionate. And that word may be a big fat eye-roll to some people, but that’s because it’s extremely misunderstood. People just don’t know the best way to approach being multi-passionate yet when it comes to building a business and career, so they choose to try to put you in a box or tell you that you’ve still gotta choose a niche.

Well, I’m here to call b.s. on the whole thing! I refuse to let you be resigned to thinking that you just haven’t found that one right thing for you yet or that you’ve just gotta put your head down and pick something already. Not on my watch!

In this episode, I’ll show you exactly why you’ve got what it takes to be an AMAZING entrepreneur, maybe even more so than all those people out there giving you all that advice to make a decision. I’ll also cover why being multi-passionate is who you innately are and the way that you approach life. So you should never feel like it’s a curse or a deterrent for being an entrepreneur…It should be the complete opposite!

If you’re feeling like nobody gets you and you have no idea why this business thing has been so hard to figure out, then this chat will serve as a way for you to come home to who you truly are and own it.

So I hope you listen knowing that you are built exactly the way you’re supposed to be, all of your passions included, and you no longer have to view your business in the way others do. It’s up to you now to take charge, be confident in knowing that you ARE a modern day entrepreneur, and the way you view and approach your business is YOUR decision.

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