are you done doing what everyone else says you should be doing?

are you finally ready to do what you’re truly meant to do in the world & embrace who you really are?

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You’re stuck, frustrated, unfulfilled, and you know that things just aren’t clicking the way that you want them to in your life and in what you do.

You’ve been doing all the things the experts tell you to do in order to build a successful business. You’ve tried choosing a niche, following the right strategies, and hustling hard to get things done.

But that doesn’t feel very fulfilling and something is missing.

You know you want more out of your life and business, and you’re ready to bring more of who you are into what you’re doing.

You’re scared to actually go all in on what you really want deep down, but you’re ready to get over the fears and finally create the life and business you want on YOUR terms.

I had these feelings for a LONG time, too.

And when I finally decided to get out of my own way some amazing things started happening. I rediscovered what it meant to listen to my intuition and to tap into all of my gifts that I had for a reason.

I decided to get over all of those limiting beliefs that were keeping me small and holding me back from achieving what I actually wanted. And I decided that I was no longer going to look outside of myself for the answers that I already had.

When I did those things, my business and life started falling into place.

And now, I’m a co-creator with the universe as I build a passion-filled, purposeful business that’s aligning with exactly what I want my life to be.

You have the ability to achieve this as well.

You CAN be fulfilled, inspired, excited to do your work in the world, and most of all share your light to lift others and make an impact.

So if you're ready to:

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  • align your energy & mindset to exactly what you want

  • Get rid of what’s standing in the way of you achieving your dream Life

  • confidently manifest your goals with clear, intentional action & purpose

  • Start making the impact you know you were born to make on the world

And so much more,

Then I’m here to help you make that happen!


Because I know you’re an intuitive woman with a unique purpose and gifts that the world needs.

Now is the time to move past whatever’s standing in your way and decide that you’re ready to step into who you really are.

I want you to be successful, empowered, and aligned. I want you to feel like you are living the life you’re meant to live RIGHT NOW instead of waiting another minute to fulfill your dreams.

So it’s time to get cozy with listening to that inner voice and knowing that the universe wants you to be happy. The world needs you to show up with all that you are.

Have a look around the site and start visualizing yourself putting your dreams into action. It’s powerful stuff, and I know you’re ready!

I can’t wait to see it all come together for you!


Check out the content below to help you get started:


Wanna get to know me more first?

I am a

*Veteran and military spouse

*Mom of two little ones

*Traveller who’s lived on 3 different continents

*Author of an Amazon #1 Best Selling book

*Project Management Professional (PMP)

*Sustainable living expert with a LEED Accredited Professional certification

*Masters graduate focused on community development & sustainability

*Creator with a background in architectural design, graphic design, photography, and branding

*Constant entrepreneur building businesses in creative fields of food blogging, photography, and coaching

I’m passionate about

*helping others live a life they love right now

* constant learning

*planning & organizing (direction is important!)

*world travel & cultures

*manifesting big dreams

*energy work and living a high vibe life

*following my intuition (flow is important, too!)

*cooking food, eating food, and watching things about food

*DIY herbal and aromatherapy self care creations

*living a cozy, comfortable life without hustle and stress

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