feeling Stuck on how to combine all the things you love into one business idea?

Or how you can possibly niche down like everyone tells you to in order to have a successful business?

Kristen Leigh King_coaching multipassionate women entrepreneurs in building unique personal brands

You’ve got so many things that you’re passionate about, that fuel your soul, and that you can share with the world. You know you’re meant to make an impact, but you just can’t figure out the best way to do it without constraining yourself to doing just one thing.

You’ve tried to pick a topic to build a business on, but after a little while, you realize that it’s just not making you happy to do that one thing. And you just wanna move onto the next thing that you love doing.

All the experts say you’ve gotta niche down and be great at that specific thing, but that’s just not how you approach life.

You’re a constant learner, and once you feel like you’ve mastered something, it’s time to devote yourself to another passion. So choosing just one niche makes you feel restricted and like you’re putting yourself in a box that’ll only hold you for so long.

I’ve been there.

For WAY too long, I chased one business idea after the other hoping that the next one would be THE one. But it never was.

I tried designing handmade invitations, event planning, creating logos, food blogging, travel blogging, project management, coaching, photography. Basically, all the things. Because I was really interested in ALL of them, but they just weren’t the thing that was gonna keep me going long-term.

So I struggled HARD until…

I figured out the key to making it all come together.

The thing that made everything feel easy and lighter and allowed me to be every part of myself.

And it started with understanding that creating a business meant that I would need to be my own personal brand.

It means that you aren’t meant to have the typical single-focused business that everyone else has BUT that you can still BE focused and hone in on what you do.

It means doing the work to discover the core message that’s driving EVERYTHING you do and what you can’t help but shout from the rooftops.

And it means giving yourself the grace to show up fully but also be selective in what moves you forward and allows you to provide value in the world.

So if you're ready to:

P6100052_small size.jpg

* Stop feeling constrained by choosing a niche & reframe the way you look at your business

  • get unstuck and finally move forward with a business direction that combines your passions

  • Feel free in creating a brand that speaks to every part of who you are

  • Start making the impact you know you were born to make on the world

And so much more,

Then I’m here to help you make that happen!


This is your time to shine and be completely unapologetic for the things that make you unique.

I want you to be successful, empowered, and unbelievably happy with the brand you’re building and the way you’re providing value in the world. It’s time to get cozy with who you really are and create an impactful brand around how YOU can really resonate with the people who need you most.

So have a look around, and make sure you grab my FREE CHECKLIST,

10 Steps to a Multi-passionate Personal Brand

so you can start laying the foundation right now for a brand that’ll excite you and allow you to share your unique gifts on YOUR TERMS.

I can’t wait to see it come together for you!

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