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Photography of life

Capturing the moments of life allows us to see each moment for what it is and savor it. We can connect, gain understanding, and just be present in that moment. Whether it be enjoying a warm summer day outside with the kids or tucking into a fresh-out-of-the-oven pastry, it's the little things that matter most.

Lifestyle Portraits

Every family has a unique story to tell. Through my storytelling photographic style, I create memorable images that truly illustrate a family's life and love in those moments. Whether it's precious little ones growing too quickly or time spent living somewhere new, all of those moments are fleeting but powerful.


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Food and Travel Shots

Food is what sustains us. Our greatest celebrations revolve around it, and our daily actions require it. No matter where in the world we may be, we can connect and bring each other together in special moments through food.

When we travel, we can experience the world in a new way and see things in a whole new light. It gives us perspective and shows us that no matter what our differences, there are some things that we will always share.

Within my food and travel photography, I hope to capture the warmth and comfort brought to our daily lives by things that bring us together as well as those that make us unique.


While still shots can capture the emotion and intensity of a moment, sometimes video is what we need to tell our stories. 

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