No Niche Necessary

The book that'll help you build an inspired, fulfilling business out of your many passions.

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Stuck on which business niche to choose?

Keep hearing that you have to niche down to be successful?

Feeling like you have to decide between your many passions?

Start learning to integrate them into a soulful, fulfilling entrepreneurial career that makes an impact on the world.  

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No Niche Necessary by Kristen Leigh King

More About the Book…

I've been there so many times over!

You can’t move forward with building your business because you’re feeling pulled to so many different passions, and you're not sure which one is the right way to go.

You don't want to choose the wrong thing and end up wasting a bunch of time or regretting your decision, so you feel stuck.

But you know you were meant to make an impact and help people improve their lives. You just don't know how to get started when there are so many different paths you could take.

I hear ya!

From starting a business to switching gears and trying something new over and over, I spun my wheels for YEARS. And nothing really felt like that one thing that everyone told me that I needed to hone in on and choose to be really good at.

I mean, (not to toot my own horn, but...) I'm good at so many different things that I love, and I didn't wanna to choose! 

I know you're the same way.

But guess what?  

It doesn’t have to be that hard to choose a direction for your business while still staying true to all the parts of you that you’re passionate about.  

You were given all of those gifts for a reason.  

You can totally create your dream business that combines your passions and gifts, positions you with a unique approach in your market, AND resonates with the people who need you the most…  

All without settling for one little niche that doesn’t feed your whole soul.  

Wanna know how?  

About the Author…

Kristen Leigh King is a former project manager and creative entrepreneur turned goal achievement coach for intuitive, entrepreneurial women. She understands what it takes to build a soulful, multi-passionate business by tapping into what's already inside you. By combining her experience in project management with creativity and mindset, she helps entrepreneurial women embrace their inner compass while going after their dream goals.

When she's not moving around the world with her family, she can be found cozying up on the couch watching international cooking shows, devouring personal development books, and planning out her next venture with her favorite manifesting crystal nearby.

Ready to start tapping into your many genius zones and building a flexible, fulfilling business?

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author and coach Kristen Leigh King