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Level 1: Stepping Onto the Path

Level 2: Aligning with Purpose

Level 3: Focused Growth



Hey sweet friend,

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Level one:

Stepping Onto the Path

This is step one in living and working with purpose and intention. Here you will find trainings to help guide you in giving yourself permission to be your truest and fullest self and honoring what you want out of life and who you want to become. You’ll also start to understand how to integrate the mind, body, spirit components necessary for aligning with your purpose.


level two:

Aligning with purpose

At the intermediate level, we begin to talk more about incorporating all aspects of who you are into what you do in the world. This includes your values and passions as well as your skills and knowledge. We also more fully talk about holistic practices of using your intuition and practicing self care to fully align your energies and get you to become a co-creator with the universe. You can dive deeper into exploring each of these aspects as you feel drawn to them.