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You've been scrolling through your Instagram and seeing how everyone else has these great looking themes but you.

you just don't know how to make all your photos go together to create a beautiful feed.

I get it.

You want more followers, and you don't feel like you're attracting people with your feed the way it is right now.


You know you need to make a great impression on social media

because that's where everyone's hanging out!


Tackling the photography part is a bit overwhelming, though!

And you just can't get a plan together that you can easily STICK TO

for how you should lay everything out.


kristen leigh king taking iphone photos



You might think that to have a gorgeous Instagram feed

*You need to hire a professional photographer to do photo shoots for you.

*You need to live somewhere better or have a beautiful office space.

*You've gotta use stock photos just to keep up.


It's actually way easier than you think to create a theme for your instagram account that makes you look professional and consistent

and doesn't take a ton of time for you to create.

You just need to know the right steps to get you an EASILY MANAGEABLE plan for your feed


one that works for your time and resources.

Because, let's face it...

You don't want to spend all your time hunting for props in all the same pink color.

You want to be doing what you love best and have this part of your business all squared away so you don't have to constantly think about it.

Wouldn't you be so RELIEVED if you knew that your Instagram was attracting tons of ideal followers just because you took a little bit of time to make a theme

that showed you've got your stuff together?

I know you're sick of looking at everyone else and wishing your feed was as good as theirs.

I know you're ready to make your own feed consistent

so you can start looking like you have it together online.


If you're ready

to start grabbing attention on Instagram,

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Get the

FREE 3-DAY course

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You'll also get the inside scoop on the latest photo & video strategies straight to your inbox.

(Check out our privacy policy here.)