How to set up a mini photo shoot for your social media content

Creating content for social media really does have a purpose, I swear! And it's not just so you can say that you did your posting obligation for that day. I mean I know that's what it feels like sometimes, but in reality you should have a much bigger strategy for why you're posting what you do. So let me give you some direction here.

In order to really be on-point with posting content that's ideal for your brand vibe, you've gotta be intentional. And the easiest way I've found to do that is to do your own mini photo shoot that'll give you tons of useable content for social in a very short time. Plus, you'll know that it works specifically for what you want to achieve.

So in this video, I cover how you can set up your photo shoot and get a bunch of different shots all in one go. That way you'll have a stash of great images to choose from and won't be left having to go to those stock sites for filler photos that aren't unique to you.

And if you're feeling like you're stuck for ideas on what to post on each social site, then grab the FREE Simple Social Strategy Worksheet Pack below to get a clear strategy for what you need to be posting and why.

How to do a brand photo shoot for social media content from Kristen Leigh King
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