5 best strategies for creating pinterest pins that stand out

If you're anything like me, you're constantly scrolling Pinterest to find all those things you'd love to be doing, creating, or cooking! But what about when you're trying to use Pinterest strategically to market your businesses? How do you create Pinterest pins that are actually gonna get people's attention and make them want to re-pin your content?

This video is for you if you've been wondering any of those things! I'll cover five things that you should have on your Pinterest images when you're trying to market your business and get people into your funnel. So that's most likely when you've got a blog post or specific content to share and maybe a freebie to go along with it. 

Now it's best to embed these Pinterest pins right onto your blog posts (just like I do it!) so that you've got the image linking back to an actual article or piece of content that's not just a landing page. Pinterest will like you a lot better if you do that! And so will your audience when you don't send them chasing around your site trying to figure out where to get that thing they were interested in. So include it on your page first and then re-pin it onto Pinterest from your own page. It's also a great idea to pin these graphics to group boards as well! Those will give you a lot more exposure to different audiences than you have as followers already.

Alright, go watch the video as always, and make sure to grab my FREE WORKSHEET to create a simple social media strategy for each of your profiles. You can get it below.

5 strategies for creating pinterest pins that stand out_pinterest marketing and strategy for business owners
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