How to stand out on YouTube with custom thumbnails

YouTube is an amazing platform to use to increase your visibility out there online. But if you're not really getting people to actually click on your videos because you don't seem to be standing out from the crowd, not to worry. In this video, I'm gonna show you one of the biggest reasons you probably aren't standing out: your thumbnails.

I cover exactly how you can create a custom thumbnail that's on point with your branding but also peaks your ideal audience's interest on the search page in order to get them to click your videos. Plus, I also run through how to make a super easy template that you can go back to over and over again when you post a new video.

This process will give you a quick win when it comes to standing out and being unique on the YouTube search page. So watch the video to learn more, and if you're just getting started with video or don't really know if you have things set up right, then grab my FREE Video Set Up checklist at the link below.

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Kristen KingComment