5 Best Camera Angles to Make You Look Good on Video

Every little thing that you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable about getting on video is a good thing. And I know for many of us, we don't love the way we look when we get in front of that camera. Maybe it's that you're not the same size that you were five years ago or that some of those gray hairs have caught up to ya. Whatever it may be, I wanna help you feel a little more comfortable about getting in front of that camera because you're tribe needs you. And video is a great way to show up and be present for them.

So in this video, I'm sharing the 5 best camera angles you can use when you go to shoot your videos so that you'll look your best on camera. Now, let's be honest. These angles aren't gonna be like waving a magic wand in front of the camera (I so wish they were!), BUT you can really use them to your advantage here to give people a better perspective of you in the frame.

Once you watch the video, think about which ones you wanna test out first and how you can incorporate them into different types of videos for your social media, webinars, and even your offerings.

Then, be sure to grab my FREE video set up checklist below to give you everything you need to get started with your videos right away.

5 best camera angles to make you look good on video from kristen leigh king