how to look good on camera using a signature style

Who do people see when they come to your website? You. Who do people see when they watch your videos? You. And who can people relate to when they're attending online events and webinars for your brand? Why, it's YOU, of course!

That's why in this video, I want to cover a super important topic that you may have only casually considered before or even totally overlooked but that deserves some real thought when it comes to the way you present yourself on camera. And that topic is how to make not only your brand but YOURSELF look good on camera using a signature style.

Think about it for a second. You are the face of your brand, and every time an ideal client checks your brand out online, they're essentially checking you out, too, in order to see if you'll resonate with them. And one of the best ways to make that happen is to get yourself a signature style that makes you look good on camera.

Now, I'm not saying you always need to be polished up with glammed up makeup and hair done. Not at all. But I am saying that the way you present yourself and the appearance you have on camera will make LOADS of difference not only in the first impression you make online and the way people perceive you but in your confidence level as well.

In order to walk you through how to get that great look that works for the camera, I've got a very special guest with me in this video. E'Beth Goad is a fellow military spouse, solopreneur, and an incredible wardrobe stylist that knows how to get you looking your best in order to bump up your confidence and make creating your signature style a breeze.

So go ahead and watch the video to learn more about creating your camera-ready look, and then E'Beth's got a FREE checklist for you so you can remember all the steps you need to get that great style in your videos. You can grab the FREE checklist at the link below.

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