One simple photography exercise for creative inspiration

This Maya Angelou quote really speaks to how we as creatives can tend to feel very stuck a times. It's important to remember that we can't really lose our creativity because it's like a muscle we need to flex regularly so that we can continue to build it up and make it strong.

So today I challenge you to build up your creative cache and find inspiration outside of your normal medium. Grab your camera (or phone) and choose one thing that you can devote an entire half hour finding around town and photographing in different ways. Here are some ideas for what that one thing might be for you:

* Anything blue

* Shoes

* Shop windows

* Street signs

* Close-ups

* Flowers

* Fun outfits

* Architectural details

Photography exercise to change perspectives and gain creative inspiration from Bountiful Path

Let yourself be free to choose different angles and try looking at each thing you find in a way that you wouldn't normally look at it. Take your images based on what draws your eye and your attention. Respect your intuition and don't think too deeply about the technical side of taking the shots. Just allow yourself to be creatively free in capturing the image.

Once you're all done and you're glancing through your images, ask yourself these questions:

* Did you start out feeling any constraints on what to shoot?

* What made you happy about creating these images?

* How did your perspective change over the course of the exercise?

* How do your images all fit together?

* Are there some that speak to you more than others?

* Is there anything you wish you would have gotten that you didn't?

Use this exercise to get your creative juices flowing and start to see things in new and different ways. It'll help to expand the way you look at taking photographs along with giving you interesting new ideas for potential projects. If you have any big insights from doing this, go ahead and share them below in the comments.