how to use natural light for product photos

how to use natural light for product photos from Bountiful Path

Are you drinking the natural light Kool-Aid? You know, the one that everyone's always talking about being so amazing for photographs? Well, if you're not, then I definitely think you should give it a try! It's an easy, free way to make your product photos look spectacular when you don't have the budget for any fancy lights. And, honestly, it's my number one choice of lighting before using any other gear.

There are really just a few basics that you need to know to get started because it's really super simple. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You've just gotta be aware of the fact that the sunlight will change during the day and differ day to day as well. But you knew that already. See, I told you this was gonna be a piece of cake!

In this video, I'll walk you through a few fundamentals just like that for using natural light properly and making sure you get the look you want for your photos. Extra gear isn't necessary for this, but I would encourage you to have a handy piece of white poster board around if you can manage it. I promise, all you need to get started is in this lesson, and you can even start practicing as soon as you're done watching. How's that for being productive?!

Oh, and I've even got a handy dandy little cheatsheet for you to grab right away! It's got 3 great diagrams to specifically show you how to set up your lighting no matter if you want to use natural light or if you have some light kits to play with. Either way, you can do all 3 set-ups with this handy dandy cheatsheet! So go ahead and watch the video, and download your free cheatsheet to keep on hand for when you're taking your photos.


Topics covered in this video:

0:23 Natural lighting is the best source

0:35 Light varies during the day

0:52 What time of day is best for photos

1:20 The location of your lighting source is important

2:50 Find your best photo spots

3:53 Fill in the shadows with reflectors

4:34 Build up to more creative license and playing around with what you want

Now you should be ready to create sweet, little product photos with some beautiful natural light. Don't forget to grab your FREE cheatsheet below that gives you 3 super simple ways to set up the light for your product photos, and you can hit the ground running!

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