how to create behind the scenes photos your customers will love

Learn how to engage your ideal customers on social media through behind the scenes photos of your business | Bountiful Path helping makers and creatives to visually connect with their ideal customers through photo & video

You know why all of these reality tv shows and cooking shows have come to be so popular? I mean, why are we so darn fixated on our TVs every time Project Runway comes on?! It's because they give you an inside look into something. You get to be the fly on the wall and learn how things are really done in those restaurant kitchens or how they make designer dresses that walk the runways or any number of things that make us completely unable to be peeled away. We get to feel like we have the inside scoop by being that fly on the wall, and it makes us that much more invested in what's going on.

You can use this same principle to engage your customers by letting them be a fly on the wall of your handmade business. One of the best ways to do this is through behind-the-scenes photos that you use as part of your social media marketing plan. By showing them bits and pieces of how you create those wonderful products that you make, you give them a way to be part of the whole process and feel like they know you better as a maker.


Here's the thing, though...You don't want to just take quick snap shots of whatever's in progress at the moment and post it immediately. That wouldn't be very strategic of us! Instead, we want to make sure that the photos we're posting are going to be part of our larger, big picture marketing strategy and fit nicely into the rest of the social media content that we're posting, too. Because think about if you were to post a picture of you working on a new item or your shop, but that item wouldn't come out for another six months! Your customers would completely forget about it by then, and you would have lost out on using that image to build anticipation at the right point in time for the launch.

The whole idea of using behind-the-scenes shots is that they will boost interest in your brand by building up your know, like, and trust factors. People will know you a little bit better as a maker, start to like where you're coming from and how you do things, and trust that you know what you're doing because you're actually showing yourself in action. This is pretty powerful stuff when you add these into the mix of your whole social media plan!

To help you figure out exactly what you should be posting, I've put together the video below to walk you through the steps. This is something you can very easily integrate into your content strategy, and the best part is that you can start right away as long as you make sure there's a purpose for everything that you post. So go ahead and dive into the video, and after you're done be sure to grab your free worksheet to build your social media content plan for each platform that you're on. You'll be able to figure out exactly how to integrate these behind the scenes shots into a well-balanced profile.

Topics covered in this video:

0:40 People follow you for the inside scoop

1:15 Create a complete visual narrative rather than one-off photos

2:13 Make a list of the images you need to relate your process

2:30 Keep it casual and natural looking

2:45 Publish the images over time to integrate them with other content

3:18 Platforms to use behind the scenes photos on

3:32 Maintain a cache of images to pull from when needed

4:00 Build up your collection of images over time

Don't forget to grab your free worksheet to start making your social media strategy and integrating these behind the scenes photos as part of that plan!