why you need a style guide for your brand

Why you need a style guide for your brand from Bountiful Path

Consistency is king when it comes to getting noticed, and that's certainly also the case when it comes to how you position your brand in the marketplace. Your ideal customers need to understand exactly what it is that your handmade business is all about and how you fit into their lives. You do that for them with clear and consistent branding that corresponds with the look, feel, and expression of what you want your business to be. 

See when you put up a bunch of photos on social media that don't really make sense for your brand or you add product photos that aren't consist with one another, you're gonna lose people. They just won't get it because it doesn't relate to anything in the big picture. You need that consistent style in your brand to convey not only that the tags on your products match your website, but more importantly that you've thought about the details of what makes your business unique and how it caters to your customers.

Even if you've got all your brand colors picked out already or a nice logo, you still need to think about this more in depth. Check out the video below on how you can start developing a style guide for your business that not only aesthetically makes everything look nice but also conveys the personality and feeling that you hope to achieve with your business.

Topics covered in this video:

0:25 The problem with putting out content without a plan

0:55 Clarify your positioning and why you stand out

2:15 What's included in a style guide

3:21 Give your business some personality

4:30 Build your uniqueness into your brand

5:00 Create a plan that ties it all together

5:48 Action step: Identify 3 ways to create a cohesive style

Now after you've watched the video, go ahead down to the comments below and share the three ways that you're going to make your brand more cohesive going forward. So go be creative!