5 great compositions for your social media photos

5 great photo compositions for your social media posts from Bountiful Path

We all know it's a struggle to constantly put out great content on your social media profiles. It's fun at first, but after a while it's seriously exhausting to have to keep up. I mean, at some point it gets to be like having to make dinner every night, and you don't even know what you've got in the fridge. At some point, you need to come up with a plan and get a few ideas going ahead of time to keep you on track.

This is why I want to present you with a better way. For starters, you know by now that you need to make everything connected to your brand and looking consistent to your aesthetic. So help yourself out and decide on a handful of ways you can present this aesthetic on social media before you're left standing in front of the fridge (or Instagram pulled up on your phone) and wondering what you're supposed to do. You can do this with a really easy plan of the type of compositions that you'll consistently use on each social media platform. I'm talking about the type of photos that best get your message across in each one of those places like Instagram or Facebook.

Consider this like meal planning for your social media. You can have one night a week for soup, crock pot dinners, pizza, or whatever you'd like. The key is that it's a category not something specific. That's how you want to approach your photos as well. Give yourself a set of several options to use for compositions in your photos, and you can choose from these options based on the day of the week or whatever your posting schedule looks like.


For example, you might consider doing a batch day to take all your photos for the next two weeks. During that batch day, you'll create different sets of images based on each category that fits well with your brand's message on each platform. These can be flat lays, close-ups, or you name. It all depends on the planned compositions you've decided to consistently use for your brand. Oh, and these compositions just serve as a guide for you to create within the confines of. I mean, it's WAY easier to create something when you have some sort of set parameters around it rather than when the sky's the limit.

So, in this video, I'll give you five composition ideas that can serve very well as the categories for your social media photo posts. Once you have these down, you can figure out the best way to use your aesthetic in creating each one. Then, rotate through whichever ones you choose on your social media, but don't forget to change up the products, backdrops, and all the components...Just keep the compositions the same and the brand identity on point.

After you're done with the video, be sure to jump down to the comments, and let me know which composition you're most excited to try out.

Topics covered in this video:

0:30 Adding interest keeps people engaged

0:46 Border flat lay images

2:32 Contrasting foreground and background images

3:13 Detail and close-up shots

4:32 Wide angle shots to set a scene

5:29 Give a human touch to your products

6:32 Interchange the components for interest

Now, don't forget to let me know which composition you can't wait to try in the comments below!