how to create a simple visual content strategy

How to create a simple visual content strategy from Bountiful Path

If you're feeling at all overwhelmed about all the content you need to create these days just to stay active and relevant on social media, then you need this video! I totally get when you're headed in so many different directions just trying to try all the strategies out there that you actually don't even know which way is up. You need a plan, my friend! A way forward that allows you to creatively promote your business without all the noise telling you try a million different tactics.


Creating a visual content strategy for your brand is something that is critical to allow your customers to understand you as a maker and your business. It means that you can lay out exactly what you want to show your ideal customers, why you want to show them, and get a clear result that you've already factored into your plans. You start by understanding your unique branding and connecting that into every piece of visual content that you put out there. Not because someone told you that it was a strategy you should be doing but because it'll make sense for your particular brand.

I'll cover 8 steps to making a simple strategy that you tailor specifically to how you want to present your business. It's all stuff that you can easily put together with a little thought into the personality of your brand and how you can best show it off. So tuck into the video and grab your favorite journal to jot down some notes!

Topics in the video:

0:54 Decide on the intention of your content

1:30 How your visuals connect with your brand

2:17 Figure out what your customers want to see

3:24 Think about what platforms you will use

3:53 Objectives for each platform

5:08 The type of visuals to use on each platform

6:25 Determine when you'll create your visuals

8:09 Plan for the resources you need

Once you watch the video and start thinking about how you want to present your brand, you can grab the free worksheet pack below that'll walk you through how to create a simple content strategy for each social media page that you have. Happy strategizing!

I need a strategy for social media!