how to brand your pinterest profile to make it look polished

How to make your Pinterest profile look polished for your brand by Bountiful Path

Pinterest is one of those places that we all love hanging out in our free time to pin all those great ideas we want to save for later. At some point, though, you need to start thinking about using it more to promote your creative business rather than just to pin that cute little sewing pattern you want to try out. I mean, it's great to use it for whatever you want personally, but you can truly be leveraging this amazingly visual platform for so much more. So we're gonna talk about how you can transition from just using your Pinterest profile for those fun little things you pin on weeknights to something that can drive your ideal customers to becoming loyal fans.

To walk you through the process of bridging that gap from the mess your page might be in right now to a well-branded, perfectly polished looking gem of a profile, I've got the video below to give you the steps you need to get it done. As usual, they're all super easy steps that just take a bit of thoughtful creativity on your part (which I know you've got covered because, c'mon, you're an amazingly brilliant creative). So dive right into the tutorial and don't forget to bookmark it to refer back to when you go to actually make these changes!

Topics in this video:

0:43 Fixing your messy Pinterest profile to tailor it to your customers

1:07 Need a brand identity first

1:32 Understand what your customer wants to see

2:08 Declutter your boards if they don't correspond to your customers needs

3:00 Select board covers that match your brand style

4:15 *Consider creating custom board covers 

5:45 Organize the most pertinent boards on the top of the page

6:32 Featured boards in the top gallery

Sweet! Don't forget to pin one of the images on this page so you can come back to this tutorial whenever you need it. Then, go ahead down to the comments and let me know how you plan to use your Pinterest profile more effectively to get your ideal customers associated with your brand. Thanks for being on this creative path with me!


* 3.2017 Update: Pinterest just recently changed the shape of the board covers to be square instead of rectangle. The correct sizing as of this date should be 340 x 340 pixels at a minimum or 736 x 736 pixels to optimize for larger screens and quality. The pin preview images for each board are also now on the side of each board cover instead of below them.