how to take better photos if you're scared of your camera

Scared to use your camera on manual mode but know that you need to take better photos? Instead of jumping into using a complicated camera and learning all the tech stuff, you need to learn how to actually compose a great picture first. This will make a much bigger difference in your photos than just picking up a new camera. Watch this video lesson at Bountiful Path to learn how to improve your images quickly with just a few compositional improvements.

Ever look at other shop pages with envy and wish that your photos looked as amazing as theirs do? Wish that you could get your products featured on the front page of Etsy? A lot of people think that in order to do these things they need to get an expensive DSLR camera with even more expensive lenses. And a lot of times all of that gear and tech stuff can be a bit scary to look at let alone try to work. Jumping in to get a serious camera and all that gear really isn't the biggest thing that can help you right away, though.

See, anyone can just pick up a fancy camera and use it on the auto setting to take some shots. That doesn't guarantee that you're gonna get some great images for your shop. It just means that you're using a fancy camera. But let's think for a second about what the main goal is in creating a beautiful photograph...It's to capture the attention of the viewer and create some kind of response in them. In order to do that, you actually don't really want to just be blindly picking up a big DSLR and hoping for the best. While that will in the long run help you out, what you need to be doing first is figuring out how to actually take a good photograph.

I know, you're saying you don't have time to learn all kinds of photography techniques and what not. Well, let me just tell you that it's actually so much simpler than you think, and it involves being much more creative than if you were to just to try learn all that tech stuff. So what I really want you to be focusing on first and foremost is composition. It's the thing that most people don't even really think about, but it's what actually makes or breaks a photograph. It can be the difference between capturing someones attention and really resonating with them or boring them to tears with a flat, stark white image. Yeah, I think you're aiming for the first one there.

To get you moving forward in creating really awesome photos for your business, you need to learn this very important skill. That's why I put together this little video lesson for you. It's gonna give you the guidance you need to start practicing different compositional techniques in your photos and seriously improve the images that come straight out of your camera (no matter what kind of camera you have). Plus, it's actually a much more creative and fun way of approaching all of those images you need to produce for your business on a regular basis. I mean, we could all use a little bit more creative time to get the juices flowing, right?

So go ahead and watch the video below and make sure to leave me a comment below about what your number one take-away from the video was. I can't wait to see the serious improvement you're gonna have in your photos! Enjoy.


What this video covers:

1:15 Composition and why you should be practicing it first

1:30 Start with a clear idea of what you want your photo to achieve

2:07 Determining how to present the subject of your photos in the shot

3:12 How creating movement in your photo makes it more interesting

3:47 Creating pathways and shapes to guide the viewer's eye

4:30 Build contrast into your image to make your subject stand out

5:30 Use negative space in images to use your image for multiple purposes

6:35 Play around with different perspectives as you take your photos

Don't forget to leave me a comment below about the number one takeaway you had from the video. Keep staying inspired!

Kristen King from Bountiful Path helping makers and handmade business owners to visually convey their brand story and make their ideal customers love seeing more from their business!
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