33 useful resources to create awesome DIY images for your handmade business

Need to improve your product photos and social media posts to make your brand look more polished? This round-up of posts and videos is all the info you need to get really great results with your DIY photos for your handmade products. Click through to see the full list at Bountiful Path.

Happy holiday season, friends! I know you've been working really hard on your handmade business this year, and it's time to start thinking about all the ways you can grow for the next one. One of the biggest things that you realize when you're trying to grow is that you need really amazing photos to stand out. That's why I've done a bunch of leg work to make one big compilation for you of everything you need to know to take better DIY photos for your handmade business. It's my little gift to you for the holidays to save you on some time and energy in putting this all together in the new year.

I've got all of the resources you need broken out into categories based on what component of your business they help with. All you need to do is focus on the ones you need to work on right now, skim the rest, and bookmark for later. I mean, or you could totally binge read/watch all of them if you're super into learning new stuff like I am. So go ahead and dive in to start taking your images to a whole new level. Enjoy!

Getting a great shot for listings:

The SITS Girls: 7 Tips for Awesome Product Photography for Your Blog


Maker's Row: Product Photography That Drives Sales


Shopify: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography


Creative Live: 6 Product Photography Tips Every Crafter Needs to Know


Savvy Seller: How to Build a Photo Lightbox for Less Than $10


Edible Perspective: How to Take Sharp Photos (Based on food photos, but really useful for any product!)


Indie Retail Academy: 5 Rules for Ace Product Photographs


Blacksburg Belle: 21-Day Photography Challenge: Improve Your Product Photos



Photo shoot for environmental/lifestyle shots:

Mane Message: Planning a Photo Shoot


Etsy: Product Photography for Beginners


Jessica Whitaker: Fashion Product Photography: Natural Light Portrait Behind the Scenes


Holly Booth Photography: How to Style Your Product Photos



Home photo studio:

Maker Mama: DIY Home Studio Backdrop


Pinch of Yum: Artificial Lighting Tips for Food Photography (Great for any tabletop products!)


Think Creative Collective: DIY Lightbox Tutorial (Easy at-home set up shown)


Holly Castro: Easy Etsy Product Photography at Home with an iPhone


DIY Craft Photography: Best Indoor Lighting Equipment for Craft Photographers



Line sheet and look book photos:

Retail Minded: Tips on How to Create Effective Line Sheets


Wholesale in a Box: How to Make Your Linesheet Dramatically Better in a Weekend


Pixelz: How to Plan and Shoot a Lookbook for Fashion



Social media photos:

Peg Fitzpatrick: How to Create Facebook Visuals that Convert


Peg Fitzpatrick: 10 Ways to Create Picture Perfect Posts on Instagram


Tara Swiger: What I've Learned From Instagram for My Creative Business


Jana Williams: How to Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone


Aeolidia: How to Drive Traffic from Instagram to Online Stores




DIY Video Guy: Selling Physical Products on Youtube featuring Study with Jess


iPhoneographers: How to Shoot Good iPhone Video


Food Blogger Pro: How to Use Your DSLR Camera to Make Awesome Videos with Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter


James Wedmore: How to Create a Sales Video


Amy Schmittauer: Getting Started with Periscope Marketing


Drew Scott: How To: The Perfect Flat Lay Photo & Editing, Instagram Series


Justin Brown: Facebook Live Stream Like a Pro: How to Do Professional Facebook Livestreams (Wirecast)


Video Influencers: Tips for Art, Craft, and Drawing Youtubers: Stan Prokopenko interview


So there you have it! Your super extensive list of everything you need to take better DIY photos and videos for your handmade brand. Remember, you don't have to do it all at once! In fact, it's best to start by implementing one or two new strategies or techniques first to get a feel for them and really maximize their effectiveness. Then, keep moving through the list to make it all come together.

If you've got another great resource to add or if you loved one of the ones I mentioned above, pop down to the comments below and tell us about which one has really helped you in your business.

I need to improve my photos!